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If you are a small business in Melbourne or any other state, its time to start implementing local SEO. It's fast becoming the most important aspect of your digital marketing strategy.


Local SEO is a clever topic to get your head around and that's why we're here to do it all for you.

Let's start with a fun fact!

Majority of people use the internet on mobile phones these days than on a computer. And guess what, people are searching on their mobile devices? You got it! Local services. When we are out and about we use our mobile phones to search for the nearest cafe or we are looking for local restaurants, plumbers fashion stores, you name it. That is why your business needs to appear on search results when customers search for it.

At digiBliss we understand local

As a local SEO specialist, we optimise your website for Google's local search pack, NAP ( name address phone number) consistency, NAP Breadth,  Google business listings, citations and implement other effective strategies to promote your physical business to win customers. As a result, your site gets a lot of attention from locally based searchers i.e relevant traffic that converts into sales

Let's work together!